Abandoned Houston Homes

Abandoned Houston Homes

Let’s be honest for a second. We can all agree at this point that abandoned Houston homes are just eyesores in a sort of way. Some people would say that the economic forces are the primary reasons behind such properties existing in Texas. The presence of an abandoned Houston homes in your neighborhood can affect you and the people living there because it usually decreases the value of other properties in the surrounding area while increasing the welfare levels.

There are so many abandoned Houston homes in Texas. A recent survey showed that the vacancy rate of these homes stands at ten percent. That’s approximately 235,229 vacant units. And these numbers will definitely rise if we’re to take into consideration the damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

So what should I do with the abandoned Houston homes next door?

You need to start by going through all the codes pertaining to vacant Houston homes in Texas. In the process, you’ll learn more about peeling paint, blown out windows, poorly maintained landscape, and trash strewn lawns.

Without a shadow of doubt, the Houston ordinances will look into the problems brought about by Houston’s abandoned homes.  They won’t just sit by and watch the public safety being compromised. An abandoned Houston home in Texas can be hazardous in that it can be the breeding ground for mosquitoes, or home to abandoned animals. Not to mention, if the tree limbs are left untrimmed they can cover the power line and this is risky.

  • Reach out to Houston’s municipality

Once you realize that the abandoned Houston home in your neighborhood violates the law, pick up your phone and call the local district housing authority. You have to let them know about the property immediately. The truth is, the ordinances won’t be automatically enforced but seeing as you’ve grasped all the law concepts, you already have the leverage you need to demand the municipality’s attention.

Once they receive the complaint, they will send zoning inspectors to assist you resolve the small issues but won’t address the major repairs without permission. They have to seek consent from the owner of the abandoned Houston home.

  • Contact the homeowner

The issue won’t just resolve itself. You can simply eliminate the problem by asking the owner of the property to do something about it. Ask him or her to reach out to a property investment company like ours for help.

We are a property investment firm that not only buys and sells abandoned Houston homes in Texas, buy also advises homeowners on how to handle such situations. As a homeowner, you can sell the abandoned Houston home as-is and have all your closing costs paid. We’re talking about a company that has been transacting in the housing market in Texas for years. They have a wealth of experience and a great team of skilled workers.

So, do you want to do something about the abandoned Houston home down the street? Call us now!

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