Boost Your Home’s Value

When it’s time to sell your home, you’re often ready to do whatever it takes to maximize your profits. A traditional way to boost your home’s value is to undergo renovations. However, knowing which upgrades will increase your bottom line is difficult. You risk spending your own hard-earned cash making improvements that only benefit the home’s next owner. Fortunately, there are renovation projects that are reliable for increasing a home’s value.

House Flippers Are Professional Renovators

Many homeowners expect renovations to radically increase their home’s value because of popular television programs that show how home investors boost a home’s value through home repairs. However, this formula only works because the investors are professional renovators who have the expertise to fix up a house themselves. This cuts out the need to pay a professional contractor to make the renovations.

Unless you have the skills to upgrade your home yourself, you’ll be forced to pay a contractor to do the work for you. These costs add up, usually to more than you’ll recoup in the sale. Because of the cost, it’s best to choose just one or two renovation projects to undertake.

Strategically Renovating Your Home to Boost Your Home’s Value

Complete any repair work that ensures your home will meet buyer’s expectations for the property, such as working plumbing, secure windows and doors, a non-leaky roof, reliable air and heating, and a sound, well-constructed structure. Although these repairs will not increase your home’s value, they will prevent the value from decreasing.

Make small upgrades to the home such as painting the walls and trim a basic color. Shampoo the carpets, wash and wax any hardwood floors, and scrub the tiles and grout. Modernize your fixtures if they are outdated. When choosing colors and fixtures, opt for basic, neutral options to avoid offending your potential buyers’ tastes.

Add a bit of curb appeal to the home to preserve its value and ensure a quick sale. Curb appeal can include painting the home if necessary and adding basic landscaping. Make sure your yard is well-tended and consider adding basic elements such as a plant or flower box. You may want to paint your front door or garage door, as well. However, don’t invest in extreme landscaping or installations, such as a bird bath.

Avoid investing in upgrades that make your home an outlier in its neighborhood. While you might hope this will help your home stand out over the competition, in reality these enhancements are unlikely to pay off as the home’s value will be partially determined by the neighborhood.

When it comes to major projects, the biggest payoffs come from upgrading the kitchen, replacing damaged exterior siding, and installing better windows. Additionally, bathroom renovations and improving outdoor spaces like decks or patios can increase the home’s value enough to recoup costs. If you are planning to sell your home soon, it’s best to choose just one of these costlier renovation projects, unless your home is in disrepair. Otherwise, you’re unlikely to recoup the money you spent on the upgrades.

Avoiding Costly Renovations While Still Maximizing Profits

Renovating your home is a costly undertaking that may not pay off. Not only that, but it takes time and work to upgrade your home before the sale. If you want to sell quickly and get the most out of your home, you may want to contact a home investor who will pay cash for your home. A home investor saves you time and money that you would spend renovating and selling your home, and they have the expertise to help you quickly navigate the selling process. In many cases, you’ll have cash in your hand within 48 hours.

You deserve to get the most money out of your home as possible, and sometimes renovations can help you boost that bottom line. If you strategically improve your property, you can recoup your investment.

Sell Your Jointly-Owned Home In Divorce

In almost all cases, spouses who are about to divorce rarely get on the same page of things. There will always be something one of the partners won’t be okay with any time a suggestion pops up. And this act is understandably taking into account we’re all human beings so the pain can overwhelm us and compromise our decisions. Take for instance when  you need to sell your jointly-owned home in divorce. We can say for sure that it’s not going to be a walk in the park. If you happen to be one of the people about to go through the process, just buckle up and prepare yourself for the inevitable migraines.

More often than not, the involved parties will keep looking for ways of inflicting emotional pain on each other. They won’t be ready to level up with anyone because they are still processing what’s going on with them. It’s quite unfortunate that on most occasions it’s the couple’s finances that take this brunt. Once you realize the marriage is not working for you and you finally decide to divorce, tame your emotions and focus on the bigger picture. In this case, the goal is to hold on long enough to be able to find a buyer and walk away with your equity from the sale.

Obstacles encountered while working with divorcing couples in Houston, Texas

It’s no longer surprising to find one of the spouses or even both of them trying to sabotage the sale of the property. Their short-term anger is usually the primary issue that bars us from closing the deal in a matter of days. It’s crucial for the sellers to understand that working towards the common goal is in their best interest and that’s why we always act as mediators. To avoid dragging along the selling process, we often times purchase the home for cash.

Save time and sell fast

The couple’s divorce attorneys are the only parties that benefit from the disputes. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the longer the proceedings take, the more the lawyers earn by billing the hours spent. And what these spouses forget is the fact that at the end of the day, all these hours spent to reach an agreement gets deducted from the profits of the final sale.

An attorney will heartlessly charge you hundreds of dollars every hour, and he or she doesn’t care whether these hours were spent in court or during consultations. To them, it’s all business and nothing more.

Come to an agreement

Divorcing couple’s disputes are never practical but those that serve an emotional need. In hindsight, the longer they drag on the selling process, the more they inflict more hurt on themselves and unfortunately, it usually takes time for them to realize what’s happening. Let’s not even get started with the costs associated with owning a property. Since the home is still jointly-owned, the couple will have to deal with the annual property taxes, insurance payment, utilities and many others.

Do you wish to learn more about how to sell your your jointly-owned home in divorce? Contact us now!

The Right Price For Your Houston Home

Every seller’s wish out there is to get the right price for your Houston home they are currently selling. That’s the ultimate goal that they have in mind. However, as a trader looking for a successful trade, you have to carefully tread if you want to lure the right kind of buyers and luckily, seal a deal. You wouldn’t want to price the property too high because you can scare off any potential buyer. You can obviously tell losing out on thousands might not auger well with any business-oriented individual regardless the market.

In case you haven’t heard, there are true-and-tested methods or strategies you can learn and apply while figuring out which asking price does it for you. For example:

It’s your obligation you go out there and do your homework. Look at what similar houses sell for in your area and take into account such figures when coming up with a price. Every player in the Houston property market knows temperatures are always fluctuating. You need to look into the seasonal trends and list your property when the market skews towards the seller. It’s during this period that you’ll find the high house prices and most buyers aren’t that picky due to a limited inventory. A hardworking seller needs to source information from every corner. Some of the places you need to look at include the MLS, Zillow, or Sale by Owner sites. You have to be thorough if at all you want to avoid loses after penciling the deal.

  • Be pragmatic

Every seller goes into the property market already having a price in their heads. Unfortunately, not all of them have figures that buyers find realistic. Get in touch with reality if you want to succeed in this market. Over the years buyers have become savvier, and they are well aware of the fact that the market provides a variety of options. You can lose a lot just by messing up a little bit in this industry.

They will attend different open houses just looking for better deals. Search for a sweet spot that will convince the buyer that they’ll find value in the property. If you price the home too high, you’ll have no other option but to make multiple cuts, and these drops will make you look desperate in a way.

  • Ask for opinions from your family and friends

You don’t just have to work with financial advisors or real estate agents when dealing with properties. If you ask around, you’ll realize that some of your friends or neighbors have sold with real estate before, so they have the experience needed in selling. Ask them what they think about your pricing or how much they would be willing to pay for such a house in Houston. You can never know where you’ll find additional selling points so get multiple opinions from different individuals.

Contact us if you still have questions on how to sell your home in Houston, Texas.

How To Sell Your Houston House Fast

You’re always told to do this or do that to sell your Houston house fast. What many people don’t tell you is that you need to accurately stage your house if you’re in the market trying to looking for a right buyer. Staging is the key to everything when it comes to selling.

The common misconception is it costs a fortune to decorate or upgrade different appliances on the property. We’re here to assure you that that can’t be any further from the truth. You have several ways you can go about this without bleeding your pockets dry or finding yourself in an economic crisis. To make your home look beautiful and outstanding, you need to invest more time and effort. It has nothing to do with finances. Fortunately, we took time to draft a couple of tips you can use to assist you to sell your home fast.

  • Take care of the clutter and personal effects

It’s normal to find dirty laundry in any home out there, but this is not what your buyers want to see. Even though we can all be organically lazy, people usually judge a lot. Your Houston house needs to exude a warm type of vibe that a purchaser can resonate with when walking through the door. The personal items will without a doubt make any potential buyer feel as though they are intruding. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

So for starters, you have to remove all the family photographs, backpacks, purses, and paperwork. Replace them with something neutral like novels or flowers in a jar. Figure out anything to make the house look more like a home.

  • Try to appeal to their senses

An individual will buy what appeases the eye. They have to like what they see before they buy it. Therefore when such a person shows up for an open house, your Houston house, he or she needs to find your property visually appealing. It’s critical you not that the purchase will center on the emotional cues.

Think of it as a first date. What would you do? Maybe welcome the guest to some soft background music before proceeding to the table.  Light up a mildly scented candle and offer some freshly baked brownies. When it comes to the couches, cover them up with a fluffy and cozy blanket.

  • Every room has to have a purpose

You shouldn’t cramp up the house. Or at least don’t make the buyer think so. For instance, a guest room needs to stay that way. Even if you use it as an office most of the time, you shouldn’t allow the buyer to get wind of this fact. Buyers always look for properties large enough to accommodate their every need. Let them know the home has a large enough space to cater for whatever they need.

At the start, we told you that you have to spare some time to work on the property if you want the sale to be successful. So take a day off work and go back home. Work on that squeaky step or crooked shelf. And don’t forget the leaky faucet while you’re at it. You will only be sabotaging the sale by neglecting these areas.

You can contact us for more tips on how to sell your Houston house fast.

Cash Home Buyers

Take a drive around, and you’ll see many signs and billboards. Some of these signs read, “Cash for Homes,” or “We Buy Houses.” So the question we all need to be asking ourselves is who exactly are these people who are always willing to purchase houses for cash? And more importantly, are they using legal avenues when buying? Should we trust them? That’s what today’s article is all about because we are about to dive into all these questions.

Cash home buyers

Putting a house on the market is not an easy decision to make. Especially in the current real estate market that’s too volatile with fluctuating temperatures. So many reasons will try to compel you to sell your home fast. As a seller, you might decide to put your property up for sale because you are about to go through a divorce, you’ve just lost your job, caved into relocation pressures, and other life’s tribulations. Whatever your reason may be, you ought to know the selling process is convoluted in a way.

Fortunately, there’s a way out here to sell your house fast, and that involves selling to a cash home buyer like Superior Home Investors. If you want your property off your hands so that you can go on living your life, these are the best guys to sell your home to at a fair price.

Many people opt to sell to cash home buyers because they purchase homes in their current condition. You don’t have to stress about the repair expenses, the hassles associated with it, or how time-consuming it can get in the process. Frankly, it’s the quickest and easiest way to sell.

What to focus on while seeking a reputable cash home buyer

Have the right price

For one reason or another, most sellers forget the fact that when selling for cash the buyer won’t depend on bank financing. They will come with money and will want to close as fast as possible. If all the documents are in place, in as little as seven days, you’ll be smiling to the bank. And that’s why many people choose this route instead of having to wait for thirty days to nine months while working with a real estate agent. In other words, a cash house buyer will offer you something relatively low in comparison to a retail buyer.

In addition to this, you won’t have to part with any fee in terms of commission or closing fee. So if you have your math right, you’ll realize you’ll be saving a lot of money in the process.

Always be honest

You don’t have to hide any values or descriptions of repairs. If the cash buyer you are about to sell to has experience, they will do their homework. Therefore, don’t risk tarnishing a relationship that could have benefited you in the long run. Ask yourself if it’s worth hindering a potential sale just to save a couple of bucks. Remember, honesty is the best policy.

Exercise flexibility

Many home sellers are usually selling due to different problems, and when thinking about selling to a cash house buyer, you don’t have to be rigid or expect a particular result. Be ready to hear them out and come up with a resolution that can make both of you happy.

Contact Superior Home Investors and sell your house fast at a fair all-cash offer.

Sell Inherited House in Houston, Texas

Life is all about living by uncertainties. One second you’re a tenant who’s struggling to settle a mortgage, and the next second you need to sell inherited house in Houston, Texas because a loved one has passed on leaving his or her home behind for you.

What should you do now that you’ve inherited the Houston house? You might be tempted to hold onto it for a while, but your current financial situation will compel you to put the home up for sale. And if you’re selling, you have to prepare yourself mentally for the hard task that’s to come because that process is as convoluted as they get. It will most likely push you to the edge if you’re not a patient person. Fortunately, many people have succeeded, and that means it’s not impossible. All you need is someone to act as your compass or guide. That someone can be ‘We Buy Houses Fast Houston.’

You need to take several things into account if you’re to put your house in the real estate Houston market. Let’s go over a couple of them:

  • Before doing anything else, you need to keep your emotions in check

Understandably, you’re still in mourning following the death of your relative, so selling his or her Houston home immediately after might not auger well with you. At some point, you’ll feel emotionally exhausted, but you need to control yourself. Don’t let emotions get the better part of you because you’ll incur losses. The property can’t get a buyer if the previous owner’s belongings are still inside so store them elsewhere. We know how hard this can be, but depersonalizing the home is the initial part of the selling process.  Right now your emotions will compromise most of the decisions you make so make consultations if you can, before arriving at a final decision. It’s during these times that you can visit our offices at ‘We Buy Houses Fast Houston’ because we have been players in the market for years, and thus, have the necessary experience.

  • Like any other process, selling requires managing and negotiating skills

You’ll bump into expensive liens and many more problems that you weren’t expecting. In most cases, we’ve observed family members not being able to agree on the house’s selling price. Prepare yourself for such disagreements, and figure out a way out.

We also have the legal and tax aspect of a Houston house sale. Get acquainted with the rules and regulations so that the selling process runs seamlessly.

Set aside some finances that you’ll use to market your house since you have to keep updating your prospective buyers on the availability of the property.

These are just but a few issues you might encounter while trying to sell an inherited house in Houston, Texas. Undoubtedly, you need assistance from an expert who has assisted people in similar situations.

We have the best team of professions who will offer the best services in town. Call us now or fill out a form on our website, and we will get in touch with you immediately.

Sell My Houston Home Without A Real Estate Agent

At this point, most of us are probably fed up with the astronomical figures real estate agents charge us after closing a deal. To sell my Houston home, is a convoluted process as it is and I usually look forward to the sale’s proceeds as a consolation. If completely beats logic if you, as a seller in Houston, have to go through all the hassles involved and end up with almost nothing after the close. And for this reason, we have decided to help our clients by giving them three tips they can apply when they want to sell a Houston home off the market without the services of a real estate agent.

But before anything else, you need to acknowledge the fact that if it happens, you’ve made up your mind to put your property on the market, you have two options presented at the table. The first option is the choice of selling your house with the aid of a real estate agent.  As previously stated, these professionals will without a doubt charge you for the services rendered. The problem is, they usually take advantage of naive clients on many occasions and cost them up to five percent of the total sale or something much higher. It’s, therefore, safe to assume that this route is relatively expensive.

The second option is the one we want to get into, and that’s the possibility to sell your Houston home without the help of the local agents or any other realtor. We advise potential homebuyers to use this avenue because what you get after the sale is what goes into your pocket. No more deductions in the form of any commission are necessary because you are your agent in the transaction and hence deal directly with the buyer.

So here are the three tips you can employ while you try to find a prospective buyer for your Houston home:

  • Make your house sparkling clean

Just like in any other market, the real estate one gets guided by perception. If the potential buyers turn up during showings and the first thing they note is how clean the property is they immediately presume the house gets maintained well.  It’s a plus on your side because it’s an indication the home is in a ‘Ready-To-Live-In’ condition and thus, they won’t have to part with extra cash to work on the repairs. Subsequently, the offer you get presented with will be almost close to the asking price. These facts should act as an incentive for you to hire professional cleaners and even contractors to work on the repairs.

Assess the situation of the entire house including the roof. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask yourself whether it needs some painting job or the roof requires some shingling.

  • Reach out to anyone and everyone

You’ll get surprised how fast word travels. The society thrives on the simple conversations individuals have with one another. If you tell a close friend of yours you have finally decided to put up the house on the market, he or she will share the information with a different friend who’ll, in turn, convey it to a different party. Ultimately, within a short period, your phone will be buzzing with prospective buyers who are ready to view the property and present an offer.

  • Be ready for the showings

People will call you requesting to see the house when it’s convenient to them. It won’t matter what time of the day it is, so you ought to prepare yourself psychologically for this process. Psyche yourself up because once you close the deal, all the profits will be yours.

However, we have one last option of selling that doesn’t compel you to work on the repairs or clean up the house. In addition to this, you can skip all the showings and save the time spent waiting for a buyer. This third choice involves selling to us at ‘We Buy House Fast Houston.’ We have a string of investors ready to buy your home in the condition it’s in and at an all-cash fair offer. Directly call us or contact us through our website.

Sell My House Fast Houston, During Relocation

Without a doubt, relocating is an exercise termed by many as being complicated in every definition of the word. A massive number of home sellers have in the past couple of months called us or submitted the details of their houses on our website asking “How can I sell my house fast Houston“? Fortunately, we are always in the business of buying, and that’s why we have helped sellers over the years to sell their  homes fast.

To be honest, the process has numerous intricacies, and it can act as a psychological stressor in addition to what’s making you move. Some people relocate due to various ailments that compel them to be close to family members, while others leave because of career changes, or due to insecurity. Regardless what your reason may be, we can all agree such a move calls for drastic changes.

To make most out of such a situation, you need to take into account that agonizing won’t do you any favors. You need to focus on organizing yourself. Often time we’ve seen sellers who end up paying expenses associated with owning and maintaining a vacant house for almost two years due to disorganization. The Houston market is usually volatile, and anything can change in a split second.

Options and steps to help in selling my home fast in Houston while Relocating

The first step is to get acquainted with your property’s worth

Figuring out the value of your home is not a hard task because all you got to do is to get in touch with a reputable real estate agent or connect with us at ‘We Buy Houses Fast Houston.’ As a firm, we feel obliged to assist all our potential clients at no cost or obligation. The valuation will help you to calculate what the asking price should be, and together with the current market price, you can gauge whether or not you need to sell.

Make up your mind on how fast you need to sell after relocation

It is imperative you make this decision sooner than later. We’ve heard of stories about people who relocate to different states without finding a buyer for their homes only to own the house still a year later.

And if they happen to sell it eventually, they do so at a much lower price than expected. So many expenses will eat into your pocket because you’ll end up with two mortgages, insurance, tax obligations – to name but a few!

Get an experienced realtor

Don’t procrastinate anything. Immediately you find out you’ll be moving, look for a real estate agent that will help you to find a prospective buyer with a fair offer. The more you wait, the longer the process takes, and this translates into more money.

Determine the prices of the house when you sell fast versus when you hold onto it.

For some reason, most people prefer holding onto the property hoping its value will increase, and they will earn more from the sale. But if you consider the tax obligations you’ll have to keep paying, the mortgage, repairs and maintenance costs, you’ll realize selling fast is the best route to take. Sell to us at ‘We Buy Houses Fast Houston,’ and get the best all-cash offer.

Sell My Houston House Fast

The Houston, Texas, real estate market has a selling process characterized by so many intricacies as opposed to other markets. As a rookie seller, you might need professional help if you are to find a prospective buyer with a fair offer. More complications come into play for those who wish to not only sell at an excellent price but also sell my Houston house fast enough. It’s no longer shocking seeing sellers make so many mistakes.

The good news is that after learning the ropes and grasping all the concepts, you’ll sail smoothly to the finish line. According to studies carried out by various research institutes, individuals who operate in this property market often at times don’t even realize the kind of mistakes they are making. It’s only after closing deals that they find out that they should have used different avenues.

The following factors should get considered if I want to sell my Houston home fast:

Identifying the right buyer

Just like any other market, the Houston real estate market has so many different buyers. However, you should not get fooled by this massive number, and think that any purchaser is right for you. You’ll be lucky to find the best one. People who have been operating in the market will attest to the fact that although some buyers are incredibly amazing, some can’t even hack it. It’s for this reason that consultants keep advising their client to be cautious when approached by different individuals looking to buy their properties.

Make it your business to know the type of house that interests them, or how exactly they buy homes. Some firms are in some way picky when it comes to properties. You need to also find out about the offer that’s on the table. Go as far as talking to different family members, friends, colleagues, or neighbors who have sold houses in the past to share their experiences.

Valuing the house

An exceptional seller will ensure he or she knows the real value of their home. What’s baffling is the ignorance we take note of any time we come across a seller who doesn’t even know what his or her property’s worth. Look for a certified firm that will help you in valuing the building, and thus, ensure you don’t get a raw deal at the end of a selling transaction. Alternatively, hire a specialist to answer all your questions.

We have situations where sellers hire professionals who lack the adequate skills required to do the right valuation. That’s why it’s wise to go for the top experts in the area, and if you’re getting them from an investment firm, ensure they are reputable. It beats logic to go ahead and sell with the wrong values.

Opt for a fair all-cash offer

Every seller deserves a reasonable quote. Be cautious of scrupulous firms that are in the game only to take advantage of clients who are still green.  Lack of caution might force you to put your property on the market at a ridiculous value. It will be even more disappointing when you finally realize the mistake you did after signing the contract.

You can work with us at ‘We Buy Houses Fast Houston,’ to get the best services in town. We buy houses as-is and at a fair all-cash offer.

Tips to sell your house in Houston

It’s no secret that life is all about expecting the unexpected. One minute you might be in a better place and the next in dire need of cash, thus compelling you to sell your property fast. If you want to sell your house in Houston, and hopefully, quickly find a buyer, then you need to acquaint yourself with a couple of things. But first you ought to know, at its best condition, any property doesn’t right away get the attention of all purchasers. Not even if the asking price is too low.

However, we do have a few tips you can consider because they will increase your chances of selling your property fast in Houston:

Ensure you work on all the repairs

Many home sellers usually lose sight of the fact that renovations increase the value of the house. Focus on the small things because they might not seem as important to you, but to the prospective buyer, they go a long way. Change the door knobs and work on the paint job. The paint will help the house look more attractive and conceal the crevices and cracks on the walls. Do bear in mind the more work and time you put into the repairs, the better the offers that stream in because clients compare your home with the rest of the houses on the market.

Decongest or De-clutter your home

Your potential buyers will want to imagine themselves living there so if you have a lot of junk lying around it will compromise their decisions. Therefore, you will lose what could have been the best offer to come your way. That waste may be why some houses have been on the market for years. Don’t give your clients any reason to walk away from the sale. During showings, sellers need to work as hard as possible to leave the best of impressions on buyers. Earn more credits by making them find your home visually appealing. For all you know, you might be closing the deal within weeks!

Have perfect smell

If you own a pet, you need to ensure there’s no decaying odor emanating from your property. Adequately trained pets usually do their businesses outside so you should clean your lawn or the backyard. No buyer will consider purchasing a property that has a foul smell. Some sellers choose to cover up the smell with a freshener instead of cleaning the house.

It’s not an excellent idea, and the sooner you realize this, the better. Immediately people walk through the door they need to feel invited because this might one day be their home. Bake some pastries and let that sweet aroma fill the entire house. Make your property stand out from what other homeowners are offering.

Get the services of a reputable realtor

Their immense knowledge and experience in the game will assist you to find a buyer with the best offer in town.  Aside from selling the property at a reasonable price, they will be there to ensure you avoid making costly mistakes.

Alternately, you can choose to sell to an investment firm that buys all kinds of properties at a fair all-cash offer. We at ‘We Buy Houses Fast Houston’ are an example of such a company, and we will be happy to hear from you.